With regard to the announcement of the basic plan of GLOBAL CHALLENGE and the result of the secondary application of GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE which has been expected to be held in the autumn 2016 is postponed.
We will announce the details on this official website once it's confirmed. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Leaders discussion

GGC Leaders discussion videos are being distributed!

A discussion panel will be held as a special event of the Gundam GLOBAL CHALLENGE. This discussion panel features a diverse group of guests invited to discuss how to make a Gundam move. The panel members, representing both the animation perspective and technology perspective, share their thoughts and questions on what it means to make an 18 m Gundam move, and how to accomplish it in real life.

An announcement of GGC Members

After a careful screening, we will announce the prized-winners to be GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE Members, and applicants' ideas.
We will simultaneously show the reviews of GGC leaders (GGC selection board members).

The result of the primary application page

GGC Leaders’ Messages

For an accepting the secondary application, look back on the result of the primary application.

We show the comments of GGC leaders (GGC selection board members) in GGC presentation at 26th of October, 2015.


Take up the challenge of the ultimate dream and make the full-scale GUNDAM move.
We are looking for ideas from around the world.

In 2009, the 18m full-scale GUNDAM statue made its appearance. With its majestic figure it captured the heart of many people and showed us the potential of a dream.
Now, GUNDAM moves Japan and the whole world towards 2019, the year of GUNDAM 40th Anniversary.

"Challenge the dream: GUNDAM moves and it moves the world"

Bringing global knowledge together to challenge the ultimate dream! The aim is to make the 18m GUNDAM move.
To achieve this ambitious goal, we will develop a global project based in Japan, building a project team and collecting ideas and plans from around the world.
Cutting-edge technology, global knowledge and a strong passion that goes beyond the borders of countries and disciplines will make GUNDAM move.
GUNDAM will bring the greatest entertainment of all time to reality.

Road map

We will globally advertise for ideas of the REAL G Next Project. With selecting distinguished ideas, adopting various views and technological advance, we are going to complete a final plan.
Through the course of scheme & execution designs and simulation test, we will eventually proceed to the stage of a content production.
The entire schedule is to be completed by 2019, the year we achieve dreams of the project.  







※About Open Innovation:
We establish an open platform that can be inserted the further ideas into the selected "ideas".
Define in GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE an "Open Innovation" that you continue to add collection and consolidate various opinions.