Application guidelines

Secondary Application Guidelines for the Real Entertainment Section
※Please file an application after looking over the guideline (full text / PDF).

GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENG Secondary Application Guidelines for the Real Entertainment Section pdf

■ Concept and outline of GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE

In 2009, the 18m full-scale GUNDAM statue made its appearance. With its majestic figure it captured the heart of many people and showed us the potential of a dream.
Now, GUNDAM moves Japan and the whole world towards 2019, the year of GUNDAM 40th Anniversary.

“Challenge the dream: GUNDAM moves and it moves the world”

Bringing global knowledge together to challenge the ultimate dream! The aim is to make the 18m GUNDAM move.
To achieve this ambitious goal, we will develop a global project based in Japan, building a project team and collecting ideas and plans from around the world.
Cutting-edge technology, global knowledge and a strong passion that goes beyond the borders of countries and disciplines will make GUNDAM move.
GUNDAM will bring the greatest entertainment of all time to reality.

The GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE project (hereinafter referred to as the “Project”), carried out in accordance with the concept above, aims at moving the 18-meter GUNDAM statue and showing it to the public in 2019—the year of GUNDAM 40th Anniversary.
In this second call for application, we have implemented an open platform, where further ideas could be added onto and the ideas already selected in the primary application. With this "Open Innovation" of GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE, we will integrate various additional ideas and summarize the executable master plan.
The previous primary call for application was for two categories: the Real Entertainment Section, in which applicants were required to physically move an 18-meter GUNDAM statue; and the Virtual Entertainment Section, in which applicants were asked to reproduce the GUNDAM move by means of virtual reality based on visual effects. As for this second call for application, it will only be for the Real Entertainment Section.
Please note that all rights related to moving an 18-meter GUNDAM based on selected ideas and plans, showing it to the public, and managing such activities, shall belong to Incorporated Association GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE (hereinafter referred to as “GGC”).

■ Secondary application for the Real Entertainment Section

We invite specific ideas and design plans for physically moving an 18-meter GUNDAM statue, and presenting it as a form of entertainment (hereinafter referred to as “design ideas”).
All kinds of applications are accepted, ranging from proposals for an overall plan to proposals that involve partial components only, such as technologies, materials, or system structures.
Examples: Specialized areas involving motors, control systems, materials, structures, etc.

A brand new idea is welcome for application, as well as additional ideas as part of "open innovation" for existing design ideas.
If an applied idea follows the aim and objective of Incorporated Association of GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE, which is to contribute to the development of technologies through unique and technically promising ideas, then the idea may be granted a prize or a fund, even if it is not selected for or integrated into the master plan of the Project.

■ Open platform

An open platform is created within the Project to integrate new technical ideas to add to design ideas selected from the first application. In this secondary application, a wide variety of opinions will be invited with regard to the selected design ideas, to incorporate into the master design.

■ Flow from the secondary application to participation in the Project

Submitted ideas and design plans for the second call for application will be reviewed by the GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE Leaders Board (hereinafter referred to as “GGC Leaders Board”) that consists of GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE Leaders (hereinafter referred to as “GGC Leaders”), which are selection board members including external experts. If new design ideas are selected from the secondary application, related ideas will be incorporated into the existing master design.
Applicants whose submitted ideas and design plans are selected as design ideas for the Project will be officially certified as GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE Members (hereinafter referred to as “GGC Members”). They will be asked to develop the master design in cooperation with the GGC and GGC Leaders Board, and join the Project to physically move an 18-meter GUNDAM statue.


Applicants officially certified as GGC Members (individuals/groups) will be asked to join and cooperate with all kinds of work related to planning and developing the master design, while referring to the selected design ideas as well as various other design ideas obtained through the created open platform.
In addition to developing, submitting, and planning new design ideas, GGC Members may also be asked to participate in actual construction and implementation activities under the instructions of GGC Leaders.
Detailed CAD data of an 18-meter GUNDAM statue and other information required for design will be presented to GGC Members after conclusion of a master agreement (including a nondisclosure agreement) for research and development.
GGC Members shall agree to the following in advance: to work in cooperation with other GGC Members who submitted other design ideas, under the instructions of GGC Leaders; and to acknowledge that the design ideas they submitted will be incorporated into design ideas submitted by other Members.
GGC plans to provide a specific amount and scope of funds as deemed necessary by GGC for the Project’s research and development and validation activities carried out by GGC Members.

■ Qualification requirements

Worldwide applicants are accepted, regardless of individuals/groups.

  • Minors should apply after obtaining approval from their parents, or their legal representatives.
  • Please note that, in order to ensure fairness in the Project’s selection process, applications from those related to GGC and its affiliates, as well as Sotsu Co., Ltd., Sunrise, Inc., and Bandai Namco Group (including executives, employees and contractors related to these companies, and other stakeholders such as their family members and relatives) are prohibited.

■ Safety requirements

As a result of installing GUNDAM and relevant facilities for this Project, the design ideas should not affect the safety of the surrounding environment, nor the lives and health of neighborhood residents and visitors. In addition, the design ideas should be durable so as to allow operation for at least three months after installation.

■ Timeline from secondary application and selection to determination of master plan

Secondary application of design ideas (from November 2, 2015 to February 29, 2016)
Applicants are required to complete a pre-entry form via our website: , and to send a plan proposal.

Review (March to July 2016)
The GGC and GGC Leaders Board will review the submitted documents based on the following criteria: does the applicant meet qualification requirements?; is it technically possible to materialize the idea by spring 2019?; and does the idea match the worldview of GUNDAM? If it is difficult to evaluate the applicant only by means of submitted documents, we may contact the applicant personally for confirmation.

Selection of design ideas (September 2016)
New ideas will be selected after review by the GGC Leaders Board, and valuable ones will be added to and incorporated into the design ideas. At the same time, new GGC Members will also be certified after review by the GGC Leaders Board.
Applicants selected for new design ideas will be officially certified as GGC Members after concluding a team agreement with GGC. In case the new design ideas will be added, we will publicly announce it on our official website.
A reward of 1,000,000 yen will be given as a whole to secondary design ideas added to and incorporated into the primary design idea. This reward shall be divided by the total number of teams, each consisting of primary GGC Members and secondary GGC Members.

Determination of the master design plan (September 2016)
The master design plan will be determined after the final review of ideas from the first application and the second application.
Please note that the GGC and GGC Leaders Board will not disclose the final review process or the reasons for selecting specific design ideas to be used for the master design plan.

■ Items evaluated for selection

Plan evaluation: Does the idea match the worldview of GUNDAM?
Is the idea enjoyable as a form of entertainment?
Technical evaluation: Technical feasibility
Safety, durability, impact on environment and people, and legal feasibility
Feasibility of systems design (validation plan), power supply, and control
Development scheme (division of responsibility, manpower, equipment, facilities, and economic feasibility)
Development schedule (current issues and plans for solving them)
Technical development potential, and ripple effects within society

■ Project requirements

Requirements for design ideas

  • Move a GUNDAM statue with a full-scale of 18 meters (within a range of 16 to 20 meters)
  • The model number of GUNDAM used in this Project shall be “RX-78-2 GUNDAM”
  • Operation on the ground is possible (not in outer space, underwater, in the air, or underground)
  • Technically and economically feasible by March 31, 2019 (including time required for production and confirming safety)
  • The statue can be moved safely during the period from July to September 2019 (while being publicly displayed)
  • The power source may be inside or outside the 18-meter GUNDAM
  • Place of final display shall be within Japan
  • Can be enjoyed by the public as a form of entertainment
  • The statue should not affect the safety of surrounding environment, nor the lives and health of neighborhood residents and visitors
  • The statue should not offend public order and morals within Japan
  • The statue should comply with applicable laws, regulations, ordinances, and rules in Japan

Reference materials regarding the design of the 18-meter GUNDAM will be available for download via a URL that will be sent to you after the pre-entry application.

*The design reference materials shall only be downloaded and used to the extent required for participating in this Project, and they may not be used for any other purposes.

General requirements concerning applicants
Please note in advance that technical information presented or disclosed by applicants to GGC may be disclosed to GGC’s supporters such as sponsors (individuals, companies and organizations), people holding rights including intellectual property rights and ownership rights in relation to GUNDAM, and managers of these rights or third parties on an as-needed basis, without obtaining prior approval from applicants.
Applicants are required to confirm and guarantee under their own responsibility and at their own expense that their submitted ideas do not infringe rights of any other people (all rights including copyrights, intellectual property rights, industrial property rights, portrait rights, usage rights, and license rights, whether tangible or intangible).
In relation to the application for and participation in this Project, applicants must comply with and conform to Japanese laws and regulations as well as laws and regulations applied to regions and persons in the applicants’ country. GGC will not assume any responsibility whatsoever with regard to this matter.

■ Conclusion of master agreement

When implementing and participating in this Project, GGC Members must conclude a team agreement with GGC that serves as a master agreement that stipulates handling of confidential information and intellectual property and operation of deliverables after their completion.

■ Handling of GUNDAM’s technical information

When applying for, participating in, and implementing this Project, applicants must follow the information-security rules separately stipulated by GGC for technical information specified as “confidential” from the information disclosed by GGC.

■ Exemption from liability and other responsibility

Applicants and GGC Members are required to agree in advance that they waive their rights to seek damages and any other relevant rights to GGC, GGC Leaders, GGC Leaders Board, and copyright holders of the TV animation series Mobile Suit Gundam and business partners related thereto (including their executives, employees, contractors, clients, and other relevant parties) for any damage, loss, responsibilities and expenses incurred by applicants, GGC Members and relevant parties as a result of this Project being delayed, failed, or cancelled.

■ Delay or cancellation of the Project

Applicants are required to agree to the following items with regard to any delay or cancellation of this Project.
As described above, GGC will not provide compensation for or assume any resulting expenses and other liabilities and burdens incurred by applicants.
(1) This Project may be delayed or cancelled as a result of changes in Project operation and plans, or technical causes and any other reasons.
(2) This Project may be delayed or cancelled if GGC deems that the complete delivery of the Project’s deliverables to GGC by the expected deadline would be impossible or extremely difficult.
(3) This Project may be cancelled if GGC deems that, as a result of validating interfaces and safety requirements and even after making technical adjustments, implementing this Project may negatively affect the environment and people, or violate laws and regulations.

■ Governing law and jurisdiction

All agreements, stipulations, application guidelines, documents issued by GGC such as application forms, and GGC’s activities shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Japanese laws and regulations.
If there is any contradiction in the meaning, content, or interpretation in the Japanese and the English version of any material, the Japanese version shall take precedence.
In the event that a conflict occurs with regard to any matters or activities related to GGC or this Project, the Tokyo District Court of Japan shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of first instance.

■ How to apply

(1) Submission of application documents
Applicants are required to complete a pre-entry via our website: Make sure you access “Registration of applicant information” from the entry page. There are two types of entry: “added idea” as part of open innovation, and “new idea,” so please take note. After registration is completed, an automatic reply email will be sent to you with your ID and password, and information on how to download the reference materials regarding the design of the 18-meter GUNDAM.

  • Format of the plan proposal: Japanese or English may be used. A3, single sided, landscape, 10 pages or less, font size of 10 points or larger. Save in PDF format with a file size of 10 MB or less.
  • The content of the plan proposal should not only meet planning and technical requirements, but also “Items evaluated for selection” and “Project requirements” defined in these guidelines.
  • The deadline for application shall be 11:59 pm on February 29, 2016 Japan Standard Time (JST). No application shall be accepted after this deadline for any reason whatsoever.
  • Minors should apply after obtaining approval from their parents, or their legal representatives.
  • Group applicants should elect one representative, and she/he should make an application after being delegated by all other members.
  • If you are to submit multiple plans, log in for each submission, and then send a plan proposal.
  • Please note that GGC will not take any responsibility in the event of pre-entry failure due to an insufficient information of your registration.

(2) Contact for inquiries
Inquiries to GGC regarding this Project should be sent using our inquiry form after carefully reading the application guidelines. Inquiries can be made in Japanese or English. Please note that we may need some time before we respond.

(3) Handling of submitted documents
Application forms, plan documents, and other relevant materials submitted to GGC will be reviewed for this Project, and plans selected as design ideas will be presented on our website. Make sure to keep a copy of submitted documents yourself because they will not be returned.

(4) Handling of personal information
Personal information of applicants will only be used for the review and selection process of this Project, and other activities directly related to this Project. Personal information will not be disclosed or provided to third parties or external parties without obtaining prior permission from applicants.
Refer to URL below for GGC’s privacy policy:

(5) Changes to these application guidelines
Please note that these application guidelines are subject to additions, changes, and revisions.
GGC may make additions, changes, or revisions to these application guidelines (hereinafter referred to as “changes”) as appropriate in order to improve the operation of this Project. The changes will be announced as needed by posting the details on GGC website, and take effect after such an announcement and applied to GGC and all applicants.