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Agreement for use

Prior to use of this website belonging to Incorporated Association GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE “GGC” please ensure that you have read the follow usage agreement, and that you agree to its conditions.
Visiting this website constitutes agreement with these usage conditions.

1. Copyright issues

Copyright works on this website are protected by the Copyright Law. The reproduction, modification, translation, distribution, performance, or exhibition of such works without permission is prohibited.
All rights regarding this website are the property of GGC. Unauthorized reproduction of contents including texts and images are strictly prohibited.

2. Links

The link of this websites is free.
Content linked to from this website, or the contents of pages that link to this website that do not belong to GGC are the responsibility of their respective owner each persons, and are not under the control of GGC. Please ensure that your usage of linked sites is in accordance with their respective agreement of use.
GGC shall in no way be held responsible for the content of linked sites, nor for any damages that may be incurred as a result of visiting said sites.

3. Prohibited activities

Users may not carry out any of the following activities in their usage of this website.
1) Acts that infringe upon third parties, assets belonging to GGC, or privacy; or acts that may lead to such infringements.
2) Acts that disadvantage or damage third parties or GGC; or acts that may lead to such disadvantage or damage.
3) Acts that is offensive to public order and morals; or acts that may lead to these occurring.
4) Acts that are criminal or that are tied to criminal behavior; or acts that may lead to these occurring.
5) False declarations or notifications such as the registration of another person's email address.
6) Acts that damage the reputation or credibility of third parties or of GGC.
7) Usage or provision of harmful programs such as computer viruses; or acts that may lead to these being used or provided.
8) Acts that are in contravention of laws, ordinances, or other regulations; or acts that may lead to such contraventions.
9) Other acts judged by GGC to be inappropriate.

4. Privacy policy

Please check "Here" about the privacy policy.

5. User responsibility

The user bears full responsibility for any damages from information gained, acts, and results in use of this website.

6. Disclaimer

GGC do not guarantee that this website does not infringe on the rights of third parties, and whatsoever as to the accuracy, usefulness, or reliability of the contents of this information.
GGC shall in no way whatsoever be held responsible for how the information on this website may be used or not used; nor shall it be held responsible for any damages that may be incurred through the usage of this website.
GGC may change the content of this website without notice. Additionally, please be aware that operation of this website may be interrupted or suspended at any time.
GGC shall in no way whatsoever be held responsible for any damages that may be incurred resulting from changes in information published upon this website, nor from interruptions or discontinuation to the operation of this website.

7. Modification

GGC may at any time modify the Agreement for use and your continued use of this website will be conditioned upon the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of your use.

8. Governing law

The laws of Japan shall be applied regarding conclusion, effect, discharge and resolution for these terms of service.
Despite the translation of these terms of use into a foreign language, without exception the interpretation based on the Japanese language version will prevail.
Any legal action relating to the GGC sites will be initiated exclusively in the Tokyo District Court of Japan.