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What is the GGC Research Open Simulator?

What is the GGC Research Open Simulator?

The GGC Research Open Simulator is a GGC project by Dr. Kei Okada of the Tokyo University Graduate School of Information Science and Technology.
GGC Research Open Simulator has developed an open robot platform for software and hardware by using Gundam CG data to create a system that lets youths from around the world participate in robot development. The aim is to contribute to the development of robotics and the making of "real Gundam".

About the Gundam Simulator Program

The 3D Gundam model available for download on this site is for users participating in the Gundam Global Challenge, regardless of skill level, to use in robotics simulations. The source code, compatible with ROS (an open source middleware widely used in robotics research) is available on GGC's GitHub

What is GitHub?
A software development platform provided by GitHub Inc. that allows multiple users to cooperatively develop software using hosted source code and to manage the development process.
Available at:

What is ROS?
ROS, short for Robot Operating System, is an open source middleware platform for robots that runs on a variety of operating systems and is widely used in the world of robotics research.
Available at:

What is Gazebo?
An open source virtual 3D simulator used for robotics development.
Available at:

Before Using the GGC Research Open Simulator

Legal rights notations for copyrights and related rights of productions and works made using GGC RESEARCH OPEN SIMULATOR.

When making productions and works public, users of GGC RESEARCH OPEN SIMULATOR must provide credit notation: © SOTSU・SUNRISE / GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE. These productions and works may have same license description as the original GUNDAM only if they are non-commercial.
When using GUNDAM RESEARCH OPEN SIMULATOR, users must agree to terms and conditions provided in TERMS OF USE FOR GUNDAM RESEARCH OPEN SIMULATOR to be able to download related material. Making any changes to data related to external look or appearance of Gundam Model are strictly prohibited. Only making changes to operating data in drive system and software are allowed.
Redistribution, reproduction, copying, sharing, secondary use, and advertising (not withstanding whether it is commercial or non-commercial, whether it is to be used personally for private or third person’s websites, or if it is to be published in paper media), are prohibited for all data provided by GGC RESEARCH OPEN SIMULATOR and for productions, works, and newly created data generated in process and as a result of using this simulator.


In this project, robot simulator will be developed that enables simulating motions of human-sized to a full-scale type of GUNDAM, so that GUNDAM Model operation can be shared in the simulator.
This simulator will be based on the Gazebo software. Modeling the drive unit or force such as motors and gears, and the sensor unit such as balance and vision are possible in this simulator.
This development includes creating a simulator, a GUNDAM model that operates in the simulator, and a basic action library (standing up, walking, etc.). The simulator will be released to the public with an interface supporting ROS open middleware, generally used in the global robotics research industry, so that this development will contribute to overall technology development of GGC members and researchers worldwide.


Biggest challenge of GGC RESEARCH OPEN SIMULATOR will be to generate sense of excitement among people around the globe by being able to make “that GUNDAM” move using software created by the user. This project aims to develop an open robot platform for software and hardware based on an existing Gundam Mobile Suit, to establish a system that allows the young generation around the globe to freely pursue their dreams of robot development, and also to contribute to the development of the field of robotics, helping to accelerate and sophisticate the realization of REAL GUNDAM.


In this project, GUNDAM simulator that enables a complete real robot simulation (drive system, recognition system, motion system, physics engine) will be developed.
In developing this GUNDAM OPEN SIMULATOR, GGC dedicated account will be set up in GitHub, an open source project site, and related robot model data will be released. Users will exchange simulation data, obtain version-up and communicate here.


All inquiries regarding GGC RESEARCH OPEN SIMULATOR will be made through the INQUIRY FORM, either in Japanese or in English.


GGC RESEARCH OPEN SIMULATOR will be released for a limited amount of time, until March 2022.

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